Aleš Votoček, Country Sales Manager at adidas Baltics SIA:

"Z-AGENCY organized a two-day teambuilding program for our new team. As we are a sports company, we appreciated that the program was offering not only very good team-building opportunity, but at the same time a challenge to compete within the team among smaller groups. Some of the practiced activities were really demanding, for instance the half-day long hiking trip across the Palava hills or learning the basics of paragliding. All the team members enjoyed these two active days. Especially for those who were new to the team, it was an unique opportunity to meet and familiarized all their colleagues. Not only the team-building event was organized on a very high professional level but at the same time the instructors from Z-AGENCY found a natural and friendly way how to get close to our hearts."


Ing. Ivan Musil, Managing Director at YALE CZ : 

"Good communication skills and ability to create sustainable relationships are absolutely essential for the kind of business we do. That is why we decided to enhance these skill on a team building event with Z-AGENCY which is, with no doubts, one of the most competent company in the Czech Republic to do this. During the 20 years of our existence, they are the best we have had a chance to experience. There was no need to ask our employees how they felt after the program because it was so obvious!"                                                                      


Ing. Jan Cír, Managing Director at Lenze

"We were looking for such a type of program which would cover both, team building activities and fun, as this program was part of the reward for our employees to acknowledge their hard work through the year. We wanted everyone to enjoy themselves. Z-AGENCY not only was really flexible and adjusted their program so it perfectly fitted our requirements but also came with a bunch of original improvements. We felt we were in real professional hands all the way through the event. Even our Austrian managers who joined us on this program had only words of compliments. At the end, they stated they have never experienced a program like this."              


Martin Němec, Managing Director at ALLTUB Central Europe:

"A great deal of good fun and adrenaline, that was our days with Z-AGENCY and AIRCENTRUM. Everything was very well planned and organised. Big thanks to everyone on this event and a special thanks to Petr Korab for an excellent wine tasting session. We are looking forward to see you again the next year."             


Miroslava Murguová, Learning & Development Specialist at NITTO DENKO CZECH:

"Christmas party which Z-AGENCY organized for us was a major success. Here are some keywords that best characterize them well: unique approach, reliability, flexibility, fun, professionalism, friendly atmosphere, laughter, excellent organization and perfect understanding of clients' needs. All our employees very much enjoyed themselves. Z-AGENCY has our full recommendation."

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